Return to Work and School with HealthTrac.

Meet SchoolTrac and WorkTrac.

HealthTrac offers a comprehensive and effective suite of cloud-based tools that allows users to take control of their wellbeing by transforming the camera in any smartphone/tablet into a state-of-the-art vital sign monitoring tool.

HealthTrac also enables organizations like health systems, physician practices, health insurance carriers and employers to remotely monitor and manage health screenings.

Real Time Insights for Real Population Health Screenings.

Population health management just got a lot easier. Whether you are managing a handful of employees in one office or thousands of educators and students across multiple sites.

We’ve got you covered.


Identify Symptom Hotspots with Actionable Data

Trying to keep offices, medical centers, stores and schools safe is a BIG job. HealthTrac can help you identify and track possible hotspots.

HealthTrac’s reporting tools can flag population clusters that have questionable symptoms— whether that’s a couple employees that share an office, educators on a school campus, or multiple students in a single classroom.

HealthTrac gives you insight to the actionable data you need to make informed decisions.


Employee Health Screenings

HealthTrac’s easy to use health screening tools were specifically designed to screen for COVID-19 related signs and symptoms using the CDC guidelines.

Employees can track their symptoms in less than two minutes using their smartphones before leaving home. The user simply engages with TracChat to answer three symptom related questions, reports their temperature and takes a vitals reading.

HealthTrac does the rest. Employees and school administrators are notified immediately if the employee is instructed to stay home.

What Happens if an Employee Has a Questionable Symptom?

Screening employees is a great first step. But what do you do if someone has a fever or an employee daily health screening reports he or she has questionable symptoms?

HealthTrac has you covered.

Daily Monitoring

HealthTrac  provides daily monitoring and screening to the employee at home. The app will then clear the employee to return to work following CDC guidelines.


HealthTrac connects the employee to healthcare provider using HealthTrac’s telehealth services. A physician provides written release when the employee is clinically cleared to return.

Real Data in Real Time.



  • User-Friendly Cloud-Based Dashboard
  • Secure/HIPAA Compliant
  • Multi-User, Multi-Location Monitoring
  • Protocol Customization
  • Reports and Analytics


  • User Reminders (email, SMS, and push notifications)
  • Admin Notifications (email and dashboard flags)
  • Screening Alerts (be notified when someone has been instructed to stay home)