Three of the biggest challenges in healthcare are population health management, patient engagement and care coordination.

At Healthport — we love a good challenge.

We work tirelessly to solve the challenges facing the entire healthcare ecosystem. Better, faster, easier access to care that reduces the overall cost of care is what drives physicians, health insurance companies, employers, and health systems to user our solutions.

Behavioral Health Care Connect (BHCC)

BHCC was developed to meet the needs of hospitals and patients who need to find mental health and or substance abuse services.

This one-stop-shop resource platform helps users find critical care anywhere in the country.


HealthTrac was developed to give users living with chronic conditions like Diabetes, Heart Failure and Mental health the tools they need to take control of their wellbeing.

HealthTrac allows organizations with large patient populations empower their patients, improve outcomes and reduce costs of care.

Palliative Plus

Palliative Plus was developed to help providers deliver palliative care services by simplifying collaboration between the patient’s entire care team which includes primary care physicians, specialist, palliative team and case managers.

Palliative Plus promotes care coordination, collaborative care plans, advance care planning, and patient centered care.