HealthTrac Is Your Partner in Remote Patient Monitoring

Vital Sign Monitoring that Supports Patient Management

HealthTrac Collects Health Metric Data for Physicians to Manage Patients Remotely

  • The Provider Dashboard displays patient health information and allows for outcomes reports to be customized per your specific needs
  • TracHub, our 24/7 Call Center, is a central communication platform that supports your patients and notifies you when there is a threshold variance, requiring clinical support
  • HealthTrac’s turn-key technology implements Remote Patient Monitoring services for your practice
  • To meet CMS standards, HealthTrac’s internal timestamp based on actual CPT code requirements makes billing easy and compliant

Benefits to your Practice:

  • Increase revenue for your practice
  • Telehealth platform easily implemented into your practice
  • Increase patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Reduce hospital readmissions