Meet HealthTrac, the app that is reinventing the way care is accessed and managed.

The HealthTrac app offers comprehensive and effective suite of cloud-based tools that allow users to take control of their wellbeing by transforming a smartphone into a personal medical care center.

HealthTrac provides round-the-clock access to personalized care tools designed to improve the users’ wellbeing. HealthTrac improves health, reduces cost of care through interactive coaching and smart connected devices.

Real Time Insights for Real Population Health Management

HealthTrac enables organizations like health systems, physician practices, health insurance carries and employers to manage large complex patient populations or to improve employee health. Whether you are managing a handful of patients in your practice, or thousands of members, or you are a school administrator needing to reopen daily COVID-19 health screenings across multiple school campuses. We’ve got you covered.


Imagine having the remote tools to...



Monitor and



Clinical Care



Reduce Cost

of Care


Living with a chronic condition isn’t easy. HealthTrac gives users the tools they need to manage their conditions. It has never been easier for patients and their care teams to collaborate and share data remotely.


The mental health solution of tomorrow has arrived. See how MindTrac puts the tools users need to manage and improve their mental health in the palm of their hands.


Reopening a business or a school during the COVID-19 pandemic is a BIG job. Our WorkTrac and SchoolTrac program makes it easy for employers to deploy a daily COVID-19 health screening program.